Thunder Coat Premium Polish and Sealant

Thunder Coat is a multi-surface UV protectant. Thunder Coat cleans, shines and polishes many surfaces including paint, glass, metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather. It is non-abrasive and will not scratch or swirl surfaces. Thunder Coat will remove road dirt, bugs, dust, light oxidation and swirls from vehicle surfaces. It can be used in place of constant car washing. Thunder coat leaves no messy residue and will leave a high gloss long lasting shine. It can also be used on a dry or wet surface. Thunder Coat features Advanced Poly Shield Technology that is designed to protect against extreme temperatures. Thunder Coat contains synthetic polymer resins that bond to your paint and will protect your vehicle for 6 months or more. Thunder coat will shine and protect exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. It and will not wash away with water. Thunder Coat is easy to use and will leave a long lasting water-beading shine. Please Note that Thunder Coat is Not for use on oxidized/faded vehicles. We offer a 30 day money back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Thunder Coat. You can return it for a full refund.


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Dear Joe and Kelly,
Yes, I want to give you my letter of superior recommendation for the car cleaning products that YOU prepare and sell either on a retail or wholesale basis. During the past decades I’ve used many cleaning and beautifying products(national brands) for my vehicles achieving satisfactory results.I’m one of those individuals who takes special pride in preparing my car for general use and especially for car and Corvettes shows. More than ten years ago, while attending and showing My Corvette I met Joe and Kelly at their booth while they were trying to interest customers in their products. All of us know there are so many brands of products from which to choose. What impressed me the most was that these two individuals were actually representing their own products! That was truly amazing and shows great determination and steadfastness in their High Quality Products! Returning home with my quart bottle of Deep Purple, I used a small amount to wash My Corvette and was very pleased with the beautiful results…a clean and brilliant shine. Additional Product Attributes: pretty color, concentrated & pleasant aroma. This product is extremely economical in a concentrated form and more so in the gallon container. Having moved to North Carolina, I spoke to Kelly one day and asked about their product line; she sent me samples of each! I tried each of these and was extremely satisfied with the results from Grape Gloss, Brown Royal, Presto, Aqua Gloss, Carpet Cleaner, and E-Z Cutter. For the most part, I ordered gallon sizes of each. They have an excellent marketing approach and Their products provide outstanding results that most discriminating customers will realize!! No other products can rival theirs in terms of outstanding car appearance, price, and versatility.Also, Their products have other applications throughout your home. I will continue to buy and use their products for many future years. They have a unique, family business and provide services no other company in this field can match.Joe is very skillful when preparing his car care products relying on tried and true formulations with quality control being the hallmark of his business. Theirs is a true American success story; I’m proud to be one of their customers!

-Roland P. Roth, Ph.D.

After detailing my car for several years I decided that I can do this and get paid, so I did. I followed the same principles that I applied to my car detailing for others. Certain chemicals I refuse to use on my wheels and I did the same for others. When it came to my wheel cleaning I refused to use acid because its not safe and plus it can damage your nice finish really easy, so my search began for a product that was non ACID. After many youtube videos and painfully forums I discovered FLASHBROWN. I can’t say enough on this product and how good it is. Cleaning my wheels now is fun because the results is JUST AMAZING. Also I cleaned my engine compartment and it was just amazing. I showed this to my father who likes his trucks clean and he was just amazed.
My biggest love of this product is the fact it is not an ACID. Also it is MADE IN THE USA( I AM PROUD TO BUY AMERICAN-since we have a president who hates this great country) GOD BLESS THE USA.. loyal customer for life…. Blacktundra06 Joe and Kellie: I just wanted to say thank you for having such outstanding customer service and being so kind to offer me help with your products. A lot of other manufacturer’s wouldn’t care about a single customer like me. Keep it up cause that’s what will make me a repeat customer. Thank you again. B H Well I wanted to say your Brown Royal is a fantastic product. I’ve seen so many claims that others say about their products but never live up to them but yours does, thanks. I wasn’t sure how it would do so I only bought a quart and now I will have to get the gallon as I don’t want to run out, I have an 06 Stang GT and a 95 Vette and for a long time have tried different products on the Vette wheels as they were in bad shape. Not now thanks to Brown Royal and yes it did great on Stangs wheels too, thanks
I also got your monthly special and tried the Grape Gloss. Wow, another fantastic product. I have tried many other quick detail products like Meguiars, Ice, Adams etc. but yours was the best. So easy to use and leaves a great shine. I am looking forward to trying more of your products. Also you have great customer service, again thanks for making such great products.

-George C.